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The Museum of London is on the Move!

Plans have been afoot for The Museum of London to move to a new location since all the way back in 2016! The Museum desperately needs more space for its burgeoning collection and it should be somewhere with street-level access close to public transport: not currently the case at its London Wall high-walk site (see photos below). That location is Smithfield Market, the soon-to-be-former wholesale meat market, which is moving to Dagenham Dock in East London, together with New Spitalfields Market and Billingsgate fish market. The Museum of London will close in December 2022 to start the process of relocation, so now is your chance to get in a last visit (or two!) before it goes! The Museum of London Docklands will remain open throughout the move, so there is that. And they will be known by new names as well, The London Museum and The London Museum Docklands, respectively.

The move to the Smithfield site is win-win as it allows the Museum to showcase its historic collections in similarly historic premises and it repurposes buildings, some of which have been derelict for many years.The site is well served by tube and Crossrail connections at Farringdon close by, and visitors will even be able to see the Thameslink trains running between King's Cross and Blackfriars from inside the new structure!

Starting in June 2022 the Museum will host a final series of events, activities and displays at the existing Museum of London site in 150 London Wall. Not that you needed another reason for a visit! See what the new Museum will look like here:

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