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Thank You and Info for Participants of the Green or Blue-Which one to Pursue? Virtual Tour 14.1.21

What an amazing response and discussion to this evening's Virtual Tour about Commemorative Plaque options for Agnes Baden-Powell, the first Girl Guide! Thank you all fro participating and for all your pertinent and very thought-provoking questions! Should anything like to ask anything additional, or if I didn't completely answer something, you are more than welcome to contact me via the contact form/ email. I've had some feedback and questions from people, inquiring about different links and you should receive a mail from Eventbrite tomorrow with some information, but I wanted to put it on here as well.

To donate to the Friends of Pax Lodge, please follow this link: Here is the link to the Agnes Baden-Powell Appreciation Society on FB:

To review me (hopefully positively 😉) on Trip Advisor, please click here: and if you would like to book me for a tour, please use the contact form on this site to give me your information and details! And a special thanks to my technical assistant (and son) Max here in this photo letting everyone in from the waiting room for the Tour!

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