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Beatles Fans Be Wary!

The famous Abbey Road Zebra Crossing that the Beatles were photographed on in August 1969 is located in front of the Abbey Road Studios in the St. John's Wood neighbourhood of London. It's just a short walk from the tube station St. John's Wood, on the Jubilee Line. Beatles fans from all over the world come to recreate the famous album cover. Apparently, however, some are mislead by the fact that, in an entirely different part of London, there is a Docklands Light Rail station called Abbey Road. In fact, they have been flocking there in such numbers that TfL have found it necessary to display signage to assist them.

Below is the rather tongue-in-cheek sign that redirects fans to the correct location in St. John's Wood, as opposed to the Abbey Road DLR stop is on the Canning Town to Stratford International line. In the photo above, on the right, you can see the skyline of Stratford off in the distance. There is no way to tell how many people make the mistake of going to the wrong station looking for the famous zebra crossing, but I have heard of some Beatles fans intentionally doing it in order to order to see the cleverly-worded signage.

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