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Sculpture in the City (If you can find it!)

The new Sculpture in the City ( exhibition opened last month and will continue into 2023. It's perfect for those who enjoy art, fancy a stroll around the City, and enjoy a challenge. A challenge? Yes, it is a challenge sometimes to find the sculpture, primarily because the art may not be obvious and/or it can blend in with its surroundings and be hard to spot! There are 20 artworks in total scattered about the financial district in the 11th edition of this exhibition.

One set of sculptures, which has been installed in multiple locations, is Oliver's Bragg's In Loving Memory, a collection benches with humorous inscriptions. I spent some time looking for them only to be disappointed that I couldn't get a closer look because people were currently sitting in them! Oh well; I will have to try and come back at a later time. And you will not see Claudia Wieser's work Generations on the ground should you be looking for it there (as I initially was) as it is locations on the underside of the banks of escalators into the Leadenhall building (It is a site specific wall work after all!). Still, it was fun to have a bit of a challenge to locate some of the artworks: a scavenger hunt of sorts for adult art-lovers! Do check it out when you are next in the City and see how many you can find!

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