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(S)Lower Marsh Market

Close to Waterloo Station and the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel, Lower Marsh Market is ideally situated for a lunchtime stop and a browse of the area's eclectic shops and stalls, many of them independently-owned. Although possibly less well-known than other public markets, it enjoys a suitably dedicated following from local residents and workers. It's easy to slow down and savour your meal with the plentiful street furniture as well as the tables provided.

The name 'Lower Marsh' harks back to the time prior to the draining of the marshlands in the 1700s when this area, with its proximity to Lambeth Palace, was owned by the Church of England. The market originated sometime in the late 1840s or 1850s and originally ran all the way from Blackfriars to Vauxhall. It's thought that the construction of the Waterloo Station Viaduct caused it to fragment into smaller, individual markets. The Lower Marsh Market is open from 10am-3pm weekdays and you can find out more information here: .

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