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Tour of Eton College

Eton College is well-known for educating a total of 20 prime ministers as well as royals such as the Princes William and Harry (you can see their names carved in the door in the middle photo above), but many big Hollywood stars are also Old Etonians too. People like Tom Hiddleston, Damian Lewis, Hugh Laurie, and Eddie Redmayne attended the school, which was founded by Henry VI in 1440. It's appropriate that a school that has been around for such a long time is near the town of Windsor, as it is, in turn, home to Windsor Castle, the longest-occupied palace in the world. I had the privilege to go on one of the recently-restarted tours, which was led by an extremely knowledgable and professional tour guide. She showed us around the Chapel, the oldest classroom in existence, and one of the current exhibitions concerning the life and work of Sir Joseph Banks. This exhibit and others like it are, in fact, free of charge to visit on Sunday afternoons as well as by appointment, so what are you waiting for? More Info here:

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