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(Best of) Banksy Tunnel Graffiti

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Leake Street a.k.a. "the Banksy Tunnel" underneath Waterloo Station showcases an ever-changing (it literally changes all the time) collection of vibrant, creative, shocking, inspiring, thought-provoking, sometimes dizzying, and often political, street art.

It is a short walk from the London Eye and Waterloo Station and is busiest at the weekends- especially Sundays- when you can often watch the artists at work. Frequently the artists coordinate their projects according to some kind of unifying theme, in response to an event or in the lead up to a holiday. Sometimes if you ask nicely, they will let you take a photo holding a spray can "Look what I did in London, Mum!". Local organisations frequently run Graffiti Workshops for families, which are very popular and so slots generally fill up fast.

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